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Research Residency Open Call

Deadline: July 3

Intelligence - Love - Revolution

We cordially invite researchers and artists to submit proposals and participate in our online residency program in  2024.

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Limitrophy offers a strategy for questioning the validity of those perceived boundaries by identifying gaps, spaces, discontinuities, through surveying the interstitial space between that which constitutes and that which deviates.

Jacques Derrida

Limitrophy is therefore my subject. Not just because it will concern what sprouts or grows at the limit, around the limit, by maintaining the limit, but also what feeds the limit, generates it, raises it, and complicates it. Everything I'll say will consist, certainly not in effacing the limit, but in multiplying its figures, in complicating, thickening, delinearizing, folding, and dividing the line precisely by making it increase and multiply. . . . [The limit] has an abyss: The discussion is worth undertaking once it is a matter of determining the number, form, sense, or structure, the foliated consistency, of this abyssal limit, these edges, this plural and repeatedly folded frontier. Jacques Derrida

(Edited by Marie-Louise Mallet, translated by David Wills)

Gerard Carson          Sabeen Chaudhry          Felice Grodin

Diane Edwards           XUAN YE                         AdrienneRose Gionta

Ash Coates                 Yvette Granata            Kiymet Dastan

Eunsol Lee                  Gagan Singh                 Veda Thozhur Kolleri

Sahej Rahal               Kaushik Varma              Rodrigo Gutiérrez

Mo Chu                        Bochra Taboubi            Jessie-Jamz Ozaeta

NADIM CHOUFi              Hadi BAstani                 Simin Azarpour

Julian Mathews          Hallidonto                   Kiymet Dastan

Sepideh MAjidi            Sarah fallah