Benjamin Hakimian is an emerging cross discplinary mastermind. A human-ish polymath in training, Benjamin’s approach to creation is all encompassing. Ben’s current work arouses questions of humanities foresight and willingness to act on such knowledge in the now.

            A foreign object has been created for humanity... the “Other Worlds Locator” (OWL) helps simulate future scenarios based on our decisions now. OWL separates key movements (isms) and backs each with historical moments. OWL aims to remind humanity of our most notable rises and falls. Each ism is given a designated zone for which images, videos, words and graphics will populate. This data is an audio-visual guide for users to see exactly what that ism entails. Liberalism acts as the core of OWL. It’s prime objective is for humanity to reach this core.... A non-bias neutral zone of socio-political fantasy. Liberalism has never and will never exist, because it is often thought to be a world of perfect harmony.... or maybe this chaotic flux is harmony in motion?

 With all this data, OWL can model worlds not yet realized...One simply has to stand within OWL and it will simulate a future scenario based on their thoughts, dreams, and realities. Savvy users can interact with OWL through thought and performance to guide and shape a new world. Once satisfied the user can submit their located world. OWL will save each user's world and place them in the correct ism. Worlds will begin to overlap and the isms will blend into one another. Thus the individualized worlds coagulate into a collective of humanity's idealizations. The result will be nothing short of chaotic and unfathomable, yet in a sense beautiful and true.