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Aark1 - Seah


"becoming-imperceptible" is an artistic and philosophical posthuman investigation transversing visual, aural, and written modes of expression. The project begins with Benjamin Bratton's chapter on Geologic Intelligence in his book The Stack and then sifts through New Materialist and Critical Feminist Posthumanism as the artist named seah uses their own human body to think/feel through modes of becoming-imperceptible. seah's personal narrative brings them to posthumanism as a way of connecting contemporary philosophy with the indigenous and Buddhist world views they were raised with. In "becoming-imperceptible", seah works through the contradictions of in human desire for expression, to be seen, and the drive to dissolve into the land. Having studied movement modalities such as Butoh, Body Weather Laboratory, and Noguchi Taiso for nearly two decades, seah fuses the somatic knowledge of these practices to the concept of a posthumanist phenomenology. Through this somatic/phenomenological investigation, seah builds audio/visual compositions that blur field recording/documentation with digitally driven manipulations.

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