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Mahsa vanaki

Mahsa Vanaki received her masters degree in architecture from California College of the Arts, in San Francisco, as well as Azad University of Art and Architecture in Tehran. She started her research based practice in 2010 focusing on utilizing digital design and fabrication tools into the built environment. She has taught digital design in architecture at the University of San Francisco. Her full-scale installation studies have been exhibited in Bay Area galleries including a juried exhibition at the AIA San Francisco. 

Dominant Objekt

DO is an alien, but not a biological being. It is not native to Earth or to anywhere else. It does not have a morbid nor an exotic look, since it cannot be seen by the human eye. DO is in constant mutation which makes it impossible to examine.

data mapping
data mapping
simiulatory double

Originated as a form of intelligence, seeking to understand its context, DO is primarily a series of data graphs that run simultaneously. Graphs mapping its immediate environment, as well as remote sensing. The higher frequency received by DO always overwrites the lower, therefore, DO always remains a single entity.

The DO is always alternating its volume from inside to outside, from core to skin. DO evolved to the 4th dimension to facilitate constant shifting from inside to out. While its skin is responding to close-range data, the core may receive a higher frequency from a remote destination and, consequently, shift to the outside as a protective shell.

The non-immediate data usually is received from a remote source of information, e.g. networks of communication, satellites, or merely a different current of energy. DO is always adapting to the received information and embodying its energy.

alien love
Data cloud enclosure

The data receiving intelligence subdivides into a smooth fabric of an ever-interrupted mesh of digitized particles, constantly shifting from a smooth to a striated surface. The undulating surfaces transmute in a sea of information, remodeling into a unit where skin always resonates with the higher intensity graph. However, its particles are also in mutation on a micro level at the same time before merging into the dominance of the overcoming global transformation. In this process of power exchange from part to whole, striation dissolves and the DO becomes smooth.


This proposal is looking at the formation and mutation of the DO during its democratic status and illustrates possible structures of the hypothetical paralyzed model. This experiment attempts to reach a deeper understanding of 4-dimensional space and geometry. 

fluid connectivity.
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