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Tinnitus Channelled

Tam Hare

This project takes tinnitus and the concept of noise as a basis for artistic research, conducted through experimental performative collaboration. This multi-participatory work happens within a series of collaborations, which lead into various performative acts. Its terms of delivery focuses on performance (and) philosophy, and the research potentials of artistic practice. This speculative inquiry initially confronts ideas of noise and cognition, in relation to tinnitus by utilising a character creation (the Abstract Child) as a vehicle that conceptually ‘drives’ this experimental ‘test’ of performance philosophy. Hence, I intend to unveil situations that engender tinnitus within this subject by creating distinct representations of how this condition effects them and what the implications of this is and could be.

The project’s intentions lead to various performance events: live, online and/or a mix of both, with the participating artists. The artists and researchers involved currently are, Två Cirklar, John Bryden and myself; with additional input from Will Edmondes (Yeah You), Andrea Phillips and Tim Shaw — all three of whom have vital supervisory roles on the project. With further considerations being an ongoing process for the work also, its next task is therefore the proposition of future collaborations.

This project will subsequently culminate in the publishing of texts and other relevant documentation, in an experimental-exploratory capacity. The long-term objective is to publish this research series as a physical document that includes a variety of possible forms of presentation, such as text, audio-visual works, performance etc. .

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