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Speculative Music: Sound as a Vibratory Phenomenon

Catriel Nievas

For this panel discussion I plan to investigate the materiality of sound as a vibratory phenomenon and how it affects our bodies and it also give us the chance to speculate about new forms of musical thinking . I will try to dialogue with the ways of understanding sound that contained it with meaning, historicity, values and specific uses. I will try to approach a way of understanding it that adopts it as a vibrant materiality that affects not only our intellect (sense of belonging, survival, location), but also our bodies in space.

My practice lies in the use of sound as musical material, therefore my search will be oriented towards possible uses or turns that music can use to resignify its use of sound within the context of non-narrative uses. The questions that appear are related to possible future ways of understanding musical material, understanding it outside of the historical, harmonic, stylistic, symbolic, and referential canon. Thus, I will try to approach a speculative narrative of how sound as a vibratory phenomenon can reconfigure the way we have of connecting with the musical experience.

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