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Abhirami Raj

Abhirami Raj (b.1998) is a multidisciplinary artist from New Delhi, India. She received her Master's Degree in Visual Art from the School of Culture and Creative Expression at Ambedkar University Delhi.

The mystery of how a work of art takes on its form and evolves through its progression continues to intrigue her so far!

Her artistic practice/research involves many disciplines from philosophy, artificial intelligence, coding, new media, performance art, and visual art. In her artistic practice, she engages with the themes of identity, memory, landscape, socio-political upheavals, and sponsored hate and violence while conceptualizing them within the anthropocentric discourse.


As an art practitioner, I believe that this residency will offer me an invaluable experience to learn, share, interact, and grow. From the depth of my conscience, this residency program would be providing a chance and platform to pursue a new and prudent direction in my artistic research on the subject of human entanglement and technological cognition in a shared environment while looking at landscape paintings (classical romanticism and AI interruptions).

I intend to develop my research into an experimental moving image work (“barren garden”) incorporating researched texts, objects, online archival footage; and conversations around the concept of the present and the future working in tandem towards a utopian world. I prefer to look at these elements through a philosophical lens.

The subject matter is posthuman bodies as in bits and parts, a political pyramid apparatus and its violence upon bodies, human and non-human, earth and the environment at large. I intend to explore the wide-ranging global ecological and political issues, approaching those victimized bodies of existence through the language of dark humor. Hence, by creating an artificial barren desert garden/landscape, I aim to invite the attention of viewers to confront both their own mortality with that of the planet in order to address the continued and variant patterns of exploitations. I also intend on expanding the feminist ideas about representations of the female body beyond gender-specific agendas. Thus I will be creating with a dark sense of irony, making sarcastic humor about how hallucinatory gardens grow through a glamorized and appreciated apocalyptic aesthetic. Through this residency project, “barren garden,” I hope to construct a bridge between creative experimentation and technological endeavors challenged by language.

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