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Buket Yenidogan

Ritual of Rejoin | Becoming Ocean

an experimental short movie (to be premiered in Nov 2021)

"Ritual of Rejoin” is a guided meditation in the form of a moving image, which depicts a ritual of posthuman spirituality , narrated by a new posthuman archetype. The project has begun with the research question "How can we become an ocean?", followed by an experiencial research phase and the short movie Ritual of Rejoin is created. The ritual takes place in a speculative reality, where humans do not identify the ocean as separate from the individual, where selves are bodies of water, where ocean rejoins posthumans. While the concept is inspired by Astrida Neiman's Hydra-Feminism and the Ocean Crises that we are living through at the moment; the structure investigates guided meditation as a frame work of designing artistic experiences following the artist's ongoing exploration of this new medium.

Narration/Poem Audio

Selected Still Posters with Poems

Experiencial Research as the Artistic Practise

For the artist Buket Yenidoğan, research and artistic practise both essentially fused in a premordial soup of experience. They are documented, organised, or reproduced snippets of focused and conceptualised experiences. Here you can find more about the experiential research processes of the moving image project Ritual of Rejoin.

-Research Journal, Chapter 1: Being An Alien to Ocean-lings

-Research Journal, Chapter 2: Loosing Self to Patterns

-Research Journal, Chapter 3: Fear of Death

About the Artist

Buket Yenidogan, b.1995 is a Turkish experiencial artist and researcher based in London. Her take on experiential art is a way to create transformation on a societal and individual level towards a posthuman mode of living which has left humanism's exceptionalism, dichotomies and the cuts between self and other as well as nature and culture behind. Her practice fuses research and art, and expands in various media such as interactive installations, creative workshops, moving image, improvised performances and speculative guided meditations which has been exhibited internationally. She is also a published author on philosophical contemplations of posthuman art-making and AI Art. Following her Bachelors of Science degree in Istanbul Technical University, she holds and a Master of Arts degree from the Royal College of Art, UK.

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