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Claire Jervert

Claire Jervert is a multi-disciplinary artist and curator working with the emerging technologies of XR, AI, and robotics and their relationship to the larger society. Her early digital/analog works examine the (then future) merger of television and the internet using traditional materials, drawing, painting, sculpture, and video.

Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the United States and internationally, including Flag Art Foundation, Newark Museum, Chelsea Art Museum, Steffany Martz Gallery, La Paternal, Argentina, and on urban screens in Melbourne, Milan, and Dubai. She is a former member of the Stevens Institute of Technology Advisory Committee on Art and Technology. She has received awards from the MidAtlantic Arts Foundation, Atlantic Center for the Arts, MIT, and Bronx Museum.

Website and Links: , Instagram: claire_jervert

Artist Statement:

Around the world, roboticists are developing humanoids that are intended not only to resemble human beings as closely as possible physically but to progressively acquire new skills, language, and knowledge, and convincingly manifest emotion. I've worked in collaboration with roboticists and AI scientists to create drawings, an XR experience and these videos that incorporate snippets of the robot’s AI. The work investigates human/machine communication and engages participants in an intimate dialogue with the AI. These three short videos were taken on-site at the "sittings" for my Android Portrait Project.

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