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Divya Singh

Divya Singh - born 4 Feb,1995 - is a visual artist, from New Delhi, India.

Her practice is primarily rooted in painting and explores themes such as

isolation, experience, memory and mortality – emanating largely from a

poetic engagement with Time. Mediums such as photography, writing,

cinema and painting are at the centre of her language as a practitioner

and have featured as important categories of both work and interest.

These varied elements come together within the work and can be seen

most distinctly in the artist books made by her, as well as found imagery

which accompany the paintings and other media during exhibitions.

Singh completed her MFA from Shiv Nadar University (India) in 2018.

She is a recent recipient of the Space118 Fine Arts Grant and is currently

working with instant film/polaroid, paintings, video and text.

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