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Mycelium of mind

During our workshop I try to find fragments of my own subjectivity in a posthuman context. I'm living in symbiocene with non-humans entities and different kinds of matter, those or them are part of my project. As an artist I work super slow, but now I try to make fast sketches and work in progress views on my work. First clip is an improvised video essay/poem/performance about Donna Haraway's Cyborg manifesto and animal studies. I made it earlier, it is connected to my project and on-going working with the idea of a posthuman subject and kinship so I add it here. Sure non-humans are subjects, they have their own bodies and minds. As artists we often colonize non-humans for our own use and purposes. Art has gained the power to displace the animal from its ecological well-being. It doesn't need to be like that. Second clip is first diary mark during our residency, just unfinished thoughts in woods with a cyborg. In these posthuman arguments we read, I find myself scrutinizing myself: I'm a human who is finding itself wanting, and consequently challenged her own sense of mastery. I cannot escape my own materiality, my own self-importance and hubris. My body and power as a human entity. It is remarkably difficult to cut off the humanist head through which we continue to behold all things. I mix humanistic and posthumanistic thinking, with animal studies I need ethics and values that are based on society and humanism. I will focus more on artificial stones and oranges next to non-human animals and think a bit nullification of the ontology distinction between inert matter and living creatures. That messy material with many kind of distinctions probably fits well in my involved and nonspecific mycelium model of subjectivity, maybe.

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