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Shyama V S

Shyama is a medium-independent design researcher with a strong inclination toward visual thinking tools. A graduate researcher from the Royal College of Art in London, she brings together her expertise in fashion, communication design, and technology to create impactful projects. Her career has been driven by a desire to improve the accessibility of public infrastructure, both physical and digital, for non-expert users. She draws from HCI literature, data materiality, and critical/speculative design projects to design experiments and experiences that explore questions that often start with ‘What if..?’ 


The AI dictionary: Whispers Within Words

Have you ever wondered how new words come into our vocabulary ? Cambridge dictionary named ‘Hallucinate’ as word of the year. Language is a living entity, constantly adapting and evolving to reflect the changing world around us. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) presents a unique challenge and opportunity in this linguistic dance. New technologies necessitate new terminology, shaping public perception and understanding. This research delves into the fascinating interplay between AI and language, exploring how AI-related terms are interpreted by non-experts, particularly focusing on the conceptual blending process. By investigating the birth of words like "hallucinate","data scraping," we aim to uncover the mechanisms through which AI terminology shapes our shared reality.

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