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The cosmogenesis, or the multiversal evolution/involution

If the schizo is a delusion of union with the cosmos, just as he/she expresses by a narrative/non-narrative the paleontology of existence in molecular dimensions, he/she also finds in him/herself the history of metaversal evolution/involution and world creation in its molarity .The cosmos, this " deterritorialized giant […] Molecule" (Deleuze and Guattari 1987: 40) , brought into being by the "Big Bang" , is a macro and dense schizophrenic cry that schizo rediscovers the traces and remnants of its pervasive rays in his psyche .The schizophrenic auditory illusions are vibrations of the cosmic sounds remained of this "primary darkness" and spread throughout the world, molecules that have turned into the suns and the stars; cellular moyens leading to the galaxies and the Milky Way. Schizo finds himself alone in the face of this infinite elegance, what can he/she do but turn him/herself into a wandering iota and write the memories of a mote floating in the galaxy (“a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam”14): souvenirs and dangers;

standing at the crossroads of ex-istence, at the intersection of wind, sun and sky; living flows in their most intense modes; The experience of the cosmos by incessant becoming and stopping “to be”, yes, schizo is already a full-fledged Heraclitian, and when we want to prevent him/her- by medication and neuroleptics - from his processual becoming, or to freeze the flux to bring him/her back to general intelligence, whether natural, artificial or social, we deprive ourselves from la gaya scienza of a cosmogenesis, of schizo-revelations, the receiver of cosmic radiations that can articulate all of species in a complex delusion. But we don’t learn Le schizo et les langues15; Talking with molecular trans-codes and the language of creatures, speaking at the level of gleams. Schizo-languages encounters the cosmo-languages and the consequence is the evolution/involution’s traces of the Pluriverse 16 in a hallucination-machine that a reason-particle accelerator generates. Schizo expresses the speed of thought or velocity within reason; the eye-flow that draws on the surface of being a molten intellect or the self-bypassing mind that, in its "transcendental empiricism", provokes the non-narrative of the archelogy of becoming (a devenir-logique).

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