Zahra Bonari is a social scientist from Iran living in Germany. She is writing her master thesis at the Ruhr-University-Bochum on cosmetic surgeries among Iranian women. She has written different articles and papers on divers topics such as veganism, preppers, attentiveness and sociology of concentration camps in Germany. Moreover she writes short stories in both English and German. Meanwhile she is working on her research about middle eastern mythology and demonology of ancient Persia.



The Ethereal concentrates on different aspects of ancient Persian deities such as Mēnōg (Minu), the invisible (the inconceivable) world in which inexistence dominates as a counterpart of the visible (the sentient/experienced) and the material world (Gētīg/Giti). The visible world has been considered as a fruit of the Minu and Minu as its root. While Minu is unlimited and intransient, Giti is limited and transient. Furthermore Ahriman, god of the darkness (wickedness) is the counterpart of Ahura Mazda, god of the light (goodness). Yet Vāyu, the infinite space, lies between the Ahriman´s and Ahura Mazda´s realms, whereas the Middle Persian evidence suggests that Vayu includes “atmosphere” as the realm of the wind’s activity. This research will try to elaborate archeologically on above mentioned deities specially the untamed potency of Minu for “world-making” with focusing on different approaches such as iconography and demonology of ancient Persian mythology to answer the following questions: What are the invisible counterparts of the visible world? How could one become Minu (someone becoming no one) in order to withstand the current state of structured reality that swallows the mind without giving the possibility of thinking about other possibilities. What kind of practices can one do to have Minu (a world of inexistence) in which the human´s understanding of truth and reality have been suspended in order to proliferate the image of oneself (Distortion in the sense of complexity). Moreover which ingredients one needs to cook a mouth-watering piece of nothingness and serves it on the very illusionary dinner table in Minu? How to give birth to a shapeless hastened child in Minu and preserve the embryo without crystalizing it in order to give it life in the visible world and let it grow there? Although according to the laws of mythology (axioms of thinkibility) no inhabitant of Minu shall trespass into Giti (the unfathomable), what if through complicity with yawning void of Vayu particles do barge into Giti? What if one could repuzzle the scattered idol and see the God´s eyes on the Demon´s head?


The Ethereal