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Latent Zone, Video, 4’11’’// 16/9

Bochra Taboubi


 Visual artist and product designer from the Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Tunis. I’m interested in organic shapes, biomimicry  and the relationship between Human and Nature. These biological and philosophical inquiries take the form of drawings, monographs, videos and sometimes sculptures with plates that I call « imaginary taxonomy ». I mainly create dreamlike worlds with imaginary creatures that are questioning human's issues. I always take part in residencies to develop my personal approach and use the Workspace itself as an installation--a sort of a laboratory of experiments


Human Abyss

The Human abyss is a representation of the depths of Man. An "anthropoabysal" world that retraces the zoning of the structure of psyche, the "creatures" and the subtracts of the human subconscious through reading into the subconscious and the common imagination. I dove into a world that represents a space-time quantum with an original logic. It is a journey towards the unknown within Humans retracing everything they suppress, this mechanism of internal censoring they've blocked and lost.

No Title  Drawing


I made samples of human depths with an imaginary taxonomy of species that each represent a substrate human trait where every zone holds traits unique to it; its composition, its atmosphere, its source of energy, and the creatures that live within it etc .. As well as the analyses and the creation of fauna of each zone. Every creature has its own descriptive chart in the form of a monograph that includes a nomenclature.

This journey into the depths is a surrealistic experience through drawings, animated images, sound effects and music. A total immersion in a “world model”.

​The human abyss is divided into several layers. On the surface and for the first zone we are in the white zone or the unknown zone where we retrace the creatures that illustrate the slip and the complexes; describing man's anticipations. If we dive deeper we move to the latent zone or the erogenous zone which represents a more repressed state of man. Like his perverse dreams, his morbidities, his eroticism, then his bestiary side until he reaches his monstrosity.

The deepest areas of the chasm are like black boxes with unknown and complex systems responsible for the functioning of the internal mechanism of man.

Anima, Drawing,1m/50cm

Pulsum, Drawing, 29,7cm/42cm


Specimen 01, Mixed Media, 29,7cm/42cm


Specimen 06, Mixed Media, 29,7cm/42cm


Specimen 09, Mixed Media, 29,7cm/42cm


What Eats You Eats Me Sometimes, Drawing, 42cm/59,4cm

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