It is the mission, duty and purpose of Foreign Objekt to encourage, support, and promote artistic research endeavors on a local and national level.

We will provide a platform and educational network for artists creating contemporary artistic projects that may fall outside of the standard definition of marketable fine art.

The true goal of art is to explore new realms of expression, without the fear of not making money. Much of the new art being produced, especially in the digital realm, is not clearly marketable, which raises issues for how artists working in these mediums can survive. The art itself, as an expression of our current social, technological, and environmental circumstances, is a valuable artistic expression, yet the artists producing it are often left with no outlet to disseminate the fruits of this expression. It is therefore incumbent upon Foreign Objekt to create an environment for the creation of these artistic works, as well as provide a forum for its dissemination to the public at large.

Foreign Objekt’s purpose is threefold:

  • Provide a forum for artists and researchers (from a variety of academic and artistic disciplines, i.e. science, philosophy, music, etc.) to meet, interact, collaborate, and exchange ideas.

  • Provide educational opportunities for the artists and researchers, in the form of lectures and symposiums (both on site and online), reading/study groups (both onsite and online), technical guidance (ie. computer training, material studies, composition, etc.) both onsite and online.

  • Provide a variety of exhibition opportunities for participants to display and disseminate their work to the general public at large. This will be in the form of on-site exhibitions, online exhibitions, and online presentations.