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Foreign Objekt is a non-profit research network founded in 2019 and directed by Sepideh Majidi. Foreign Objekt has no institutional affiliations and operates independently. 


To foster a trans-disciplinary community, Foreign Objekt has two primary aims, 

    providing a platform for research residents to collaborate and share their work, and

    organizing workshops, symposiums, study groups, art exhibitions, and publications. 


The Foreign Objekt ecosystem consists in,

    Foreign Objekt- research residency and laboratories 

    Posthuman Art Network- resident-led online art exhibitions

    Posthuman School- posthuman philosophy studies

    Space Gallery- art exhibitions in Berkeley, California

    Deep Objekt- modeling general intelligence, consultancy services


We are working with concepts and fields such as philosophical idealism, rationalism, Marxism, posthumanism, and Artificial Intelligence.



Sound Lab

Posthuman Art Lab

Complex/Dynamic Systems Lab

Posthuman Lab

Intelligence/Computation Lab



Intelligence Unbound




Sepideh Majidi


San Francisco -CA

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