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Posthuman Studies Lab

Outimaija Hakala

Nature Artwork

Outimaija Hakala is a visual artist and an art historian, who is working as a sculptor and writer in animal questions in contemporary arts. She is Doctor candidate in Aalto University and doing her PhD "How to respect and take animal subect into consideration in visual arts?" based on artistic research and view from critical animal studies and posthumanism . Within her research work, she is a member of multidisciplinary research and artist group working with questions how to disclose other animals?
4- one or two questions around the subjects to share with everyone for the panel discussion.
Can we say that we are posthumans if we use other animals?
Is there space for subjects in posthumanism – what is moral value of a subject in posthumanism?

Ants – more than human languages

Ants is a project about animal languages. How are animals, plants, and all non-human nature talking and representing themselves? At least some of them have their own language and marks, mostly non-linguistic forms of communication. View from human language is usually understood by linguistic systems. In posthumanism we need to think more openly about what language is. If we recognize languages by other species we can learn more about communication and connections between all living beings. Begin with others, deeply equal with non-humans.

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