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Francesca Ferrando

Posthumanism and Worldbuilding


In the first series of workshops Francesca Ferrando discussed with us, 'The Art of Posthuman Existence', consisting of "The Composite Landscape of the Posthuman", "From the Anthropocene to Human Enhancement", and "Posthuman Healing".

In the upcoming workshop, She is looking into Posthumanism and Worldbuilding.

Francesca will also open up a dialogue around topics such as:

- ethical food

- climate change-aware ways of living

- self-sustainability

- post-consumerism

The workshop participants are welcome to write a short response to these topics.

Francesca Ferrando, Ph.D., teaches Philosophy at NYU-Liberal Studies, New York University. A leading voice in the field of Posthuman Studies and founder of the Global Posthuman Network, she has been the recipient of numerous honors and recognitions, including the Sainati prize with the Acknowledgement of the President of Italy. She has published extensively on these topics; her latest book is Philosophical Posthumanism (Bloomsbury 2019). In the history of TED talks, she was the first speaker to give a talk on the topic of the posthuman. US magazine “Origins” named her among the 100 people making change in the world. Info:

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