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8 triptychs - Onty

'Eight Triptychs' is an experimental film which serves as an exercise in the novel filmic genre known as 'CoreCore'.

Aark1 - Seah

Crack Net - Hamed Hadeiri

Affordance theory and AI

Henrietta Scholtz

I sometimes cover my eyes - Babak Ahteshamipour

I Sometimes Cover my eyes (since I can’t control them in order to shut them) and dream the Occasions where We drop our Smiles (since I haven’t been getting that lately, it’s as if we’ve accepted believing fate, UFOs, time-travel and stuff) is an anti-materialist and anti-consumerist manifesto video.

Mae Harbridge

Phonema Choir

Radiating Body - Sheshadev Sagria

Seen and unseen - Abhirami Raj

This work features a projection of the moon as a character addressing to the audience directly.

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