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Felice Grodin
AdrienneRose Gionta

Collage is not a new medium. But in the digital age how can binary subject/object dissolve or at the least teeter within the trope of The Cyborg? Or conceivably it is the opposite. Perhaps it’s not the dissolutions of edges but the very definition of them that enables the act of mutation as such. Hybrid_Enviroscapes explore this meeting point as a spatial deceleration.

In Hybrid_Enviroscape_Portal_0IN: Traditional architectural space is rendered as transparent & exportable via wireframe. It is not grounded nor bounded by the earthly gravitational pull. Our sense of the physical realm dissipates into a hypnotic pink portal. The Hybrids emerge, float and rotate like we’ve seen space stations do in science fiction films. Like Kubrik’s operatic clips of Spacestation V in 2001 A Space Odyssey, these have a logic of technological means. But we’re not meant to occupy them with our human bodies. We’re meant to project our consciousness into them. These are the avatars of our future. Through the horizontal looking glass, we go, as we break on through to the other side… emerging among dissonant voices/sounds/hertz traversing the electromagnetic spectrum. We are experiencing online tone generation, the resonation of tone and frequency, transcendentally ever after.

Testimonial (‘Liz’): … very feminine… the movement … I feel safe (middle point) & at peace … women hardly ever have their guard down as they move through society… very rare, precious, & unique … loved the way it made me feel … Anime… black hole … a wholeness to it … audio segue from the real … the soft intro … swipe left … breaking through … a slow transition … chant like ... takes you somewhere else … repetition … hard to explain the experience … pushing … pulling ... rising … setting … seductive … womb like … completely immersive … spiritual … community … I am transported into the space … the hybrid is me … boundless … a queer ecology

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