Gerard Carson

"Emergence" is a 3D animated work that manifests many of the ideas surrounding Gerard Carson's "Petronics" project.
Petronics is a blending of material temporalities, where the deep-time of....


Film: Forerunner

Sahej Rahal

Forerunner orchestrates a strange narrative of that dovetails passages from Jorge Luis Borges with archeological accounts of a Tughlaq-era hunting lodge in Delhi (that according to...



Diane Edwards

There are no windows into the world she occupies, she exists within the prediction space - a perceptual time lapse - where the generative power of approximation and expected truth ....


Identifying Drive System

Bochra Taboubi

Dilating Nature expresses a form of subjective and jubilant modification, each appearing insane to the other. The creation of possible worlds goes beyond description--it delves into an...