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Axayacatl is a they/them artist, musician, and engineer known for their performances at underground noise shows. Their exploration of technology in performance arts showcases their innovative approach. Drawing digitally has been a lifelong passion, with a focus on the grotesque, erotic, and intellectual themes.

Apart from their artistic pursuits, Axayacatl works as a web engineer and is passionate about hardware. Their technical skills blend with their artistic side, allowing them to merge code and creativity seamlessly. As a web engineer, they navigate the digital landscape, bringing their artistic visions to life online.

Axayacatl's work reflects a balance between technology and artistic expression. Their performances and digital drawings challenge norms without the dramatic flair. The incorporation of grotesque, erotic, and intellectual elements creates thought-provoking pieces.

In the dynamic space of art and technology, Axayacatl, with their diverse talents, offers a unique perspective. As an artist, musician, and engineer, they inspire by redefining creative boundaries at the intersection of art and technology.


the synthetic ouroboros

In the realm of art and technology, 'the synthetic ouroboros' embarks on an exploration in predictive biomechanical art, a conceptual and reflective inquiry into the evolving landscape of human sexuality and bodies influenced by emerging technologies, particularly artificial intelligence.

The core objective of this research is to create a series of biomechanical artworks that act as visual predictions of future scenarios shaped by our interactions with AI and technology in our intimate lives. The intention of this project is to provoke thoughtful reflections on technology, sexuality, and gender.

The illustrations act as a visual narrative, prompting viewers to reflect on how our evolution unfolds alongside technology. The methodology involves using AI algorithms to analyze social attitudes, technological advancements in human sexuality, and how our interactions change technology in return.

This research addresses the evolution of agency, the interplay of intelligence, consciousness, creativity, and the intersection of human and artificial intelligence. Through using artwork as a predictive visualization, this project contributes to a deeper understanding of how technology may impact our intimate lives, challenging observers to reflect on the future of human connection.

These illustrations are drawn digitally, an intersection between the human touch and digital tools. Drawing inspiration from "The Age of the Spiritual Machine," each piece explores nuanced intersections of technology and the human experience. Simultaneously, taking inspiration from Donna Haraway's "Cyborg Manifesto," which depicts the vision of the cyborg - a being that blends the organic and the artificial.

Visualizing predictions of a biomechanical future contributes to a deeper understanding of technology's role in our lives. It challenges viewers' assumptions about the future of human connection. In a broader sense, this art form serves as a bridge between disciplines, bringing together art, technology, sociology, and ethics.

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