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Batoul al-Rashdan

An award-winning architectural engineer and Hi-Tech designer (the latest award is the distributed design awards 2022), I had been always interested in merging technology, science & design. As a result, I like approaching new design methodologies and creating projects usually related to the people either directly through sensors on their bodies or being rooted in their cultural foundation or highlighting environmental concerns from their land and places they live at, in unique storytelling projects utilizing cutting edge computational design processes and digital fabrication tools.


I previously created a wearable device to control art installation (a DIY sensor I developed)… I am an architect and it’s the main goal is to be helpful for designers to control patterns digital or physical from a distance. I want to develop this Creating of wearable electronics, embeddable sensors gloves…to control bigger scale parametric Patterns on the wall, or interactive art installation. Inspired by the Deadsea crystals as I still feel this environmental concern should be under the spotlight further. The shores of the Dead Sea are the lowest point on the surface of the earth. It is such a unique corner of the world unlike any other place on earth. Situated a quarter mile below sea level, so saline it can't support life, surrounded by a desolate landscape, it is not just a geologic feature but a source of mystery connected to religious faith. Level of water at the dead sea and minerals are dropping by 33% so it's important we spotlight it in a unique way to showcase and highlight Jordan and Deadsea in a contemporary way instead of the traditional or old ways of what the media showcase as well as raise awareness and highlights Recession and environmental concerns where due to economical interests its resources are being abused so I previously created a wearable representing futuristic creature has a role and came back to life (rebirth/ awakened from deep sleep) to protect the Dead sea from all that misusage.

That I am not willing to transform it into a bigger art installation controlled but the glove controller. The shores of the Dead Sea are the lowest point on the surface of the earth. It is such a unique corner of the world unlike any other place on earth (its salty water is their renowned health and healing properties of the mud. You can also float naturally in them). Merging different technologies and methodologies like 3D printing, computational couture electronics, and crystallizations (mimicking crystals by 3D printing the different geometries there plus growing crystals mimicking the color shades and glow in the dark unique crystal geometry ) As well as taking the Thermochromic change color with temperature to another level as once you move near the beach gets warmer so the color is turquoise once you move further inside the seawater, it gets colder and turns into dark navy blue - reflecting the countershading I previously coded the neopixels to light the 3D printed crystals geometry plus the optic fibers with crystals grown on but this time ill be using the developed glove controller.

I have a 3D scan I have done on my hand previously that I used to grow Voronoii bracelet to extend the glove design and have a 3D printed addition to the packaging of the overall glove by using grasshopper definition. This Voronoi bracelet was designed to grow on my 3D hand scan as a result fitting my real hand with spaces to put Bluetooth as well as an input board for flan to connect stretch-flex sensor with the output via Bluetooth. Might as well update the input sensor to silicone form.

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