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Buket Yenidogan

Buket Yenidogan, b.1995 is a Turkish research-based multimedia artist based in London. She has exhibited and performed internationally at The Crypt Gallery, Iklectik London and Sonar+d Istanbul and Dear2050: Oceans on the rise, Zurich as well as joining group shows in various venues in London. Her writing practice follows her research on posthumanism, with a published paper on ethico-onto-epistemological considerations of AI Art at the “AI Music Conference 2021” of Austria and an extended dissertation on posthuman art-making, focusing on the transformation of art-making following an elaborative retrospect from the eras of Humanism to Posthumanism. Following her Bachelors of Science degree in Istanbul Technical University, she currently is a Master of Arts candidate at the Royal College of Art in Information Experience Design programme.

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