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Buket Yenidogan

Buket Yenidogan, b.1995 is a Turkish research-led multimedia artist, writer and academic based in London. She defines her practice as crafting posthuman experiences to transform the societal and individual modes of becoming from human-centred to posthuman, using technology, rituals, and the body. She fuses performative research and discussions on posthumanism, expanding in various media such as interactive installations, moving image, sonic performances and guided meditations.


Ocean as the posthuman body

I'm continuing my research on understanding water as the posthuman body that connects and involves everything while allowing new becomings. I have been building a speculative mythology and a ritual of this alternative spiritual understanding for the last couple of months. The ritual is called the Ritual of Rejoin which takes place in a reality, where humans do not identify the ocean as separate from the individual, where selves are bodies of water, and all rejoin the ocean. The project responds to ocean level rise on a philosophical perspective inspired by Astrida Neiman's Hydro-Feminism throgh depicting this ritual. Now for the next chapter I want to focus more on the waterness of the body itself and research into water and ocean related beliefs in indigenious cultures such as Wayuu of the current Colombia, as well as the oneness of all living beings with a deity figure in sub-cultures of Islam. What is the living body for them in relation to ocean and the deity figures? The physical waterness of the body, as well as the metaphoric understanding of the ocean will be an important part of my research. Currently I am using moving-image, installation and sound performances and I am moving into more 3D art and immersive experience to share this understanding of the body with audiences.

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