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Chapter I: we really didn’t get along…

This is a story that is inspired by another story. We build castles in the sky as deference to our love. This love is lost. However, we still build…[1]

25.5006° N, 80.4443° W

[1] Using the Coral Castle as a precedent, this project utilizes the relationship of architecture and space to desire. One such example in literature is the original Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, and the subsequent modern interpretation, Polyphilo or The Dark Forest Revisited.

XXXO is looking. Not necessarily for LOVE. It found it. But lost it. In order to cope, it needs to compensate for this loss. When one lacks, it becomes excessive. XXXO builds in order to fill a void. It finds its way to [Miami] GPS 25.7617° N, 80.1918° W. Miami went under many decades ago, but the database suggests it was a desired location. It is close to where XXXO goes to ‘understand.’

Utilizing an open-source neural style transfer algorithm, XXXO finds itself in Miami.

XXXO zooms into the Coral Castle…it seeks empathy.

Chapter 2: …I think I fell in love with you

Is this the place that we want to be?

Is it you we want to see?

Holding on, hold it high, show us everything

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