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Catriel Nievas

Catriel Nievas (Buenos Aires) is a composer, performer and teacher. His music lies in the repetition of melodies, chords and ghostly sonorities that seek the rhythm they generate inside and the traces they leave in memory and listening. He collaborates and makes recordings with musicians from the local scene and from different countries, both with electric guitar, as well as with field recordings, performative actions, electronics or composition of ad hoc pieces. Catriel played in concerts, festivals and cycles in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Switzerland and France. He makes performances that dialogue with the spaces and sounds that inhabit it. He works as a music teacher in public schools and as a teacher in a particular way, generating specific accompaniments for the needs and searches of his students.


I am researching ideas related to the materiality of sound within music. I am mainly interested in investigating the crosses between sounds with a clear material quality and sounds with easily identifiable symbolic signals. That is, sounds as objects, transferred to different sound situations. Use samples, but accentuating their foreign character, forced to live with other sounds. In my pieces I usually work on these ideas in relation to the idea of extended times, extended durations, drone music, minimalism, repetitions, abrupt cuts and surprises that resignify the potentiality of those sounds loaded with meaning and strip them away. On the other hand I am interested in the incorporation of musical sounds that have a previous symbolic load, whether it is a musical rhythm, a type of synthesizer, a specific filter, etc. I am interested in delving deeper into the creation of sound spaces that can be inhabited by these object entities.

I am interested in delving deeper into the creation of sound spaces that can be inhabited by these object entities. For that, the bond and work over time is key. But also with the idea of space. That's why I'm interested in linking these sounds to objects. Somehow a phrase by Graham Harman that says "what happens when a speck of dust hits a marble column?" resonates with me. I am interested in sonically creating the space in which that speck of dust floats, as well as the column of marble that is still. I also want to know what happens when they collide.

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