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D. Priyanka Bajaj

D. Priyanka Bajaj: I was raised in the family of Scientists and Philosopher. My father and my brother are Gemologist , my husband is a doctor and my grandfather was a philosopher of Islamic literature and Indian Vedic Text. Such soup stimulated my tender mind and slowly transformed me into an individual who has this irresistible desire to inquiry about the True Nature of our Existence and thus art became my direct mode of expression to reach out to the tangible and non tangible world! In 2001 , after my BFA , I went under the mentorship of A.Ramachandran Sir. His idea of self discipline and total commitment towards his art , polished me thoroughly . He taught me, how important it is for an artist to find his own path and his own expression ! His faith in my search gave my enough support to overcome all the agony and ecstasy , life was throwing on me . During my MFA in 2017 , I proposed my thesis under the topic of 'Relationship between Art and Science ' , this put constructive seal on my believe and my search is continued since , hence forth.



I am involved in the art of Worldbuilding through the information gathered from the ancient Vedic text, Vedantasar, and Scientific experiments conducted in Quantum Physics at CERN, Geneva. This also includes related questions of Consciousness! Is consciousness a product of the brain? How do Non Physical matters like Quarks, Strings, and Higgs Boson produce the physical world around us? What is the role of Consciousness in producing Reality? My father, who is a Gemolologist, and my grandfather, who was a philosopher in ancient Indian texts, involved my tender mind in such debates. These talks were the part of causal evenings of my growing years. I have witnessed these exciting arguments and exchange of ideas of modern science and ancient wisdom and often wonder: Are there any meeting grounds for both of them? As time passed, I started building my own world which had its own laws of physics, based on the observation of the scientific world around me and also poetic observation of Vedantsaara. This practice took full expression when I applied for an MFA degree with a synopsis under the topic of "Interaction Between ARTS AND SCIENCE". My core interest in this project was to logically find out what is the True Nature of Reality and what is the role of Consciousness. During this research, I have observed that in many ways modern science and ancient knowledge are kinds of reflections of each other. I followed the experiments done by LHC ( and the text of Vadantssar ( My observation was that they both are inquiring about the same subject, Our Existence, just the means, and expression are different. They both conclude that we are made up of tiny elements called Strings which vibrate.

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