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Diane Edwards

Diane Edwards navigates the parallel yet entangled worlds of climatic mutation and digital optimization. Using synthetic and organic media to create moving-image, sculpture and installation her research led practice conducts inquiries into digital, biological and earthly spaces, and ecologies. Recent projects have investigated rare earths; the human microbiome and more-than-human life; speculative notions of life after ‘mass extinction’; the socio-technological issues of AI, technology dependence and labour. Edwards has exhibited and participated in numerous shows and contexts including: Quartier am Hafen (Cologne DE); +DEDE (Berlin, DE); Shipment (London UK); Chalton Gallery (London UK); Glasgow International (Glasgow UK); Die Digitale Festival (Dusseldorf DE); Hidden Door (Edinburgh, UK); Artificial Intelligence Autumn Session, Goethe Institut (Glasgow UK); London Creative Network, [SPACE] (London UK). She was awarded an MFA Computational Arts from Goldsmiths University of London (2017) and a Ba(Hons) Fine Art Painting, Edinburgh College of Art(2009) and is also cofounder of artist run gallery Gossamer Fog (London, UK). @diane._.edwards

SOUR DIRT 2020, Single channel HD video, 00:05:30, Sound design: Donna Haringwey SOUR DIRT attempts to render the poisonous, weedy and weird reality of digital world making by navigating the liminal spaces between unruly wilds, non-living growth and toxic clouds. Developed within a time of multivalent crises - the most imminent of which catalysing a full-blown surrender to digital infrastructures. This works attempts to map an experiential unconscious of our relationship to Land/Life/Nature and how we interact, manipulate and journey through it within physical and digital spaces. Interrogating the ways in which we consume, image, capture and experience ecologies and landscapes in the physical and virtual realm, using this as an analogy for complex stories of our mutating climate and our ceaseless extraction, manipulation, production and consumption.

SOUR DIRT (stills):

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