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Elisa Melodia

Elisa Melodia is a product and interactive designer who is based in Rome, and works

between Rome and Milan.

In 2018 she graduated in Design, Management and Cultures (BA) from UAL University in

London. She then completed a master's Degree in Sustainable Design at the Polytechnic

of Milan, which led her to begin personal research on traditional sustainable materials and

techniques that took her to India up until 2020. From 2021, she will continue her studies in

design, focusing on the design of products. She is currently attending the Integrated

Design Masters program at Milan Polytechnic.

Her professional experience started in London in the film industry, as a set designer, a role

that she still takes, working independently in Milan. She has also worked full time for three

design agencies and for sustainable technology companies. From April last year she

moved to Rome, where she works as a 3D museum designer and digital interaction

designer for international clients, film festivals and fairs.

Because of her passion for the performing arts, she develops artistic collaborations with

performers, stylists and musicians to design interactive costumes that explore posthuman

abilities and products that "come to life." In between classes, she became self-taught in

electronics and software. Later, she decided to take extracurricular courses in music

software, such as Maxmsp, and in circuit design for hardware electronics and electronic

textiles. She has performed in Europe with her former collective and has been invited to

Maker Faire and Arduinjo days as a designer/performer and to Alta Roma runways as a

designer. She has led product design workshops at technology and art festivals in Italy,

engaging adults and children in the science of interaction design.

Her previous projects have often involved microphones, sensors, microcontrollers, and

parametric software for creating "special effects" with music generation and filtering,

robotic control, and video control. Her later works focus primarily on sound art and

performance, where technology becomes a medium to achieve new creative outcomes in

movement and sound. Through her creations, she seeks new possibilities for the

entertainment industry and explores the ubiquitous but unexplored creative interaction

between humans and computers.

Her overall research relates to the possible combinations between technologies and the

arts and crafts, as well as the performative arts, in order to create new forms of emotional

expression that go hand in hand with the newly acquired functionalities resulting from the

integration of digital technologies into the contemporary fields of the traditional arts.


As part of the Foreign Objekt Residency, I would like to explore the animistic perception of

objects through experimental sound and performance. Music originated in caves where

our ancestors drummed on rocks, and the creation of sound is one of the first discovered

forms of human-induced change in our world. With its strong origins and irrational

approach to human emotions, sound provides the impetus for movement, language and

liberation. In the production of sound, the relationship to the object described by the beat is

closely interwoven. But it is not only in music that we find inner liberation. Since the

performer(s) of sound is not only a musician, but any human being, sound can be

associated with various actions in which that human being becomes one with the object of

sound production and changes with it. As is the case with language, for example.

Within the scope of this research, I would like to explore the relationship between

surrounding spaces, liberating actions and evolving languages. From this perspective,

music-making becomes secondary to the exploration of sounds associated with actions.

The sounds of a door opening sadly or a door opening anxiously, the sound of an egg

cracking or the sound of an egg being thrown. The differences between the emotions in

the performance of these sounds lead to the production of creative results, as well as

sound art, performative soundtracks and new language. In actions of rupture, as we see in

the video trailer "Brokage", we have tried to restore the primal not as primitive, but rather

as a pre-logical state, far from adulthood, through the release of pain, longing and


Performance is therefore explored as a meaningful form for rhythm and composition, while

materials (their interactions and sounds) become signifiers of the contemporary


My research proposal revolves around the construction of a foreign body language and

speech that will be shown through a set of videos. The native sounds will be formed

through the elaboration of sounds produced by the breaking of different materials and the

exploration of different acts of breaking. These objects in the contest of breaking represent

current desires for success and destruction, fantasies that become part of us and control

us with everyday movement and language.foreign

From the elaboration of the sounds of breaking and their a perfomatic, or embodied, a new

language that does not resemble our own, as well as a soundtrack for a moving body and

a series of repetitive loops that explore the will explore the ritual of liberation through


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