Eunsol Lee/Kimberly Lee: Construction of a Virtual World

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Eunsol Lee/ Kimberly Lee

Kimberly Lee is the name of a bodiless character brought to life through 3D rendering. Using the character Kimberly Lee, Lee Eun-sol visualizes the idea of the existence of contemporary objects. It is essential to Kimberly's existence that her creator continues to create new landscapes and spaces to ensure Kimberly’s sustainability.

Construction of a Virtual World

Current, yet delayed destination, called Decentraland

Popcorn Prophet_trailer_001” (2020~) is a project series that explores and simulates Kimberly Lee as a member of Decentraland, with its virtual economy and real estate market based on cryptocurrencies and recorded on blockchains.

Decentraland (DCL) is a distributed virtual world running on a blockchain using the Etherum ERC-721 token. Land in Decentraland is not owned by the central authority. Theoretically, the owner of the land compartment is in charge and anyone can build whatever they want on the virtual land. Their vision is to allow Decentraland to evolve into the same form as "The Oasis" as in the movie Ready Player One.

Decentralization is their main distinction, but the imagined result of this real estate business is the current appearance of Million Dollar Homepage. Can virtual reality avatars--who act as billboards on decentralized lands like billboards that cut and sell pixels on Web pages--be seen as our ideal future?

With these questions, Kimberly aims to collaborate with Youtuber Ryu.Free. Ryu.Free is a developer and YouTuber who conducts lectures on blockchain, and has a plan to run a game business by purchasing land in Decentraland for the purpose of profit. Since Kimberly doesn't own land, she works as a part-time worker in Ryu.Free’s business, creating his virtual workplace and helping in the creation of games. So the destination (dot) is, to be precise, settled in the cycle of generating revenue there. However, the work involved in game production is long, rugged, and tedious. In the process, Kimberly continues her endless ontological concerns and simulates the aftermath of generating profits in Decentraland, while delaying its conclusion. The delay in endings amounts to the simulations piling up unintentionally, with destructive endings. Thus, Kimberly's simulation series will continue to multiply into multiple versions, starting from the origin each time. It is as if an episode about Kimberly's journey in “Happy Easter” (2020~) is in a state of infinite creation.

Wandering with Kimberly's anxiety