Francesca Ferrando: The Art of Posthuman Existence - Interactive Workshop

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Meeting 1: Saturday, July 3rd, 9am-11am (PST)

Meeting 2: Saturday, July 10th, 9am-11am (PST)

Meeting 3: Saturday, July 17th, 9am-11am (PST)

Link to the zoom webinar:

Optional Project: This workshop is conceived as a highly interactive path for artists who are working within the posthuman frame. Artists are invited to be active and develop a project. At the end of the 3 meetings, artists will be invited to submit their works for a virtual exhibition.

Meeting 1: Saturday, July 3rd, 9am-11am (PST)

The Composite Landscape of the Posthuman (Contemporary Philosophy)


Ferrando, F. (2014) "Posthumanism, Transhumanism, Antihumanism, Metahumanism, and New Materialisms: Differences and Relations" In: Existenz Published by The Karl Jaspers Society of North America, Vol. 8, No. 2, March 2014, pp. 26-32.