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Gulsah Ozgen

Gulsah Ozgen, b.1990 is a filmmaker and researcher based in Turkey. Her research problematizes women’s subjectivity to motherhood, fertility, and the oral one, which is at the center of reproductive policies, and developed tools that rethink and manipulate the human relationship with technology.

Recently, her practice focuses on the experimental way of making moving images, sound manipulation, research, and hacking to the desire to remove the biological gender fiction and the policies determined by it.


Project Proposal: Understanding that one aspect of feminist and critical thinking concerning the posthuman condition is also related to biology, I explore the direct relationship of biological sex to sexuality and reproductive policies and how biology can reformulate reproduction with new technologies and biotechnological changes. Thus, I try to reveal that the reformulation of biology to new technologies and reproduction through biotechnological changes is not only about correcting the phallogocentric perspective of contemporary feminism but also about connecting the human to non-human forces that allow diversity by relating in new ways.

Based on Haraway’s concepts, which remind us that women can only be freed from their biological constraints if their reproductive obligations are abandoned, I try to realize an alternative politics of feminist desire by shaking up the body, gender, evolutionary processes, and duality. I seek ways to develop new subjectivities and new possibilities by instrumentalizing the developing science and technologies with the desire to remove the biological gender fiction and the policies determined by it.

What my work is leading so far is about seeking new ways to develop new subjectivities and new possibilities and manipulate biology and technology by instrumentalizing them. The desire to eliminate the fiction of biological sex and its assigned policies lies in these subjects, which I have dealt with, especially within the framework of reproductive policies. In other words, it challenges the old biologically based hierarchies. Therefore the emphasis on feminism lies in the desire to establish associations that cannot be reduced to traditional family ties. It intends to develop partnerships and alliances that are not unique to human,or rather humanistic, alliances. It is about temporal configurations where everything is intertwined, relational, and notfixed in specific

categorical poles.

I want to focus on more developing non-humanistic partnerships and alliances that are

not limited to humans and open them up to criticism over human reproduction

conditions, agents, and contexts. Furthermore I am interested in what it means to

disrupt the assumed natural necessity in human reproduction and the feminist

emphasis on the supply of togetherness that is not reduced to traditional family ties.

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