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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Foreign Objekt works as a collective experimentation into the realm of possibility, to suspend the current state of things in order to create a temporal involution that throws linear time out of joint, melting the metaphor for what ‘is’, reanimating it into an ambiguous and loosely defined state of dilation and slippage, which effectively demonstrates the possibilities inherent within that which is redefined through flux, until one not only reaches the nonexistent but "creates it". It is an exploration through catastrophe, cyber-chaos, fracture, and collapse, totally strange, hyper-chaotic, disintegrated and alien..

...An investigation into the future, with some questions: Can we imagine “the outside of thought” and is it outside the realm of language? How can we think about possible bodies—alien forms with different cognitive states? What is a Foreign Object? What is the collapse of consciousness? How do we experience events that cannot be scientifically measured—failed measurements—? What does it mean to compute something uncomputable?

Foreign Objekt is a speculation on extra-science fiction, to go beyond the mega-narratives of modernity and capitalism, which have exhausted our imaginations for future narratives. It is an attempt to occupy the gap between being and knowing. With a catastrophic pursuit—we are looking at fictional worlds, possible worlds, and science fictional worlds and their constructions, as a matter of investigation with traceable or muted ingredients and parts from our worlds.

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