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Mustafa Kemal Yurttas

Mustafa Kemal Yurttas (b.1978, Turkey) 2019, completed PhD of Proficiency in Art with the thesis titled “Posthuman body as an interdisciplinary concept in today’s contemporary art” at YTU in Istanbul. 2003, completed MA and BA of Architecture at ITU with the thesis titled “The hybridization of body and space in the postorganic paradigm in architecture”. Their artworks were exhibited in Turkey, Holland, Poland, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, New York and published on e-flux, ortaformat, Art Unlimited. An artist of Performistanbul performance art platform. An Academic as Ass. Prof. at Halic University Faculty of Architecture in Istanbul. 2012-2019, performed in Istanbul, Berlin, Hong Kong as AslieMk performance duo. The artistic practice of Mustafa is an ongoing project under the name of mikaye. mikaye is an artists collective of avatars of Mustafa and a schizoplane where these fictional personas are connected to each other. Each persona living at Mikaye are flowing from oneself to another and not fixed characters. As outcomes or unfinished productions of a collective, the works of mikaye play with the keywords like “schizo-creative”, “ghostly-becoming”, “post-human”.

Posthuman Body as an Interdisciplinary Concept in Today's Contemporary Art

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