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Gerard Carson: Petronics & Petrobio- presentation and Selection of Writings 2018-2016

Updated: Nov 10, 2020


The glyph spat, threaded from industrial-grade materials by a digital counterpoint, accessed via global info-sphere.

Within the glyph resides ancient being that continues to become. A temporally adventuring object that shape shifts through interstellar epochs.


Last survivor on this dislocated geo-machinic anomaly.

The inferno has engulfed the landing pad, last chopper just departed for the safety of the kelpt-metro.

Exit/egress becoming an ever fiercer conflagration of intensity.

An offshore site of extraction consumed by forces beyond comprehension.


Vaping through recesses into actual…

Toxic trauma buried deep within ancient geologies.

Creating a doom-mist that reeks of transition.


The site of a history

One can only speculate upon,

It’s recorded existence

Has become dust

Scattered on The shifts of time.

Foreign bodies bloom

From the stratified matter.

Participating in a Universal process.




Entangled in meshes

Of conjugation.

The bones are extracted with minimal effort, peeling away from the corpus leaving muscles and tissues intact on the ground, yet undefined, a gory anonymous anatomy laid in a heap. The guerillas fashion these into artifacts, extracting their singularities by boiling, carving and whittling.

When worn within the recesses of the underground their semiotic force is horrendously charming.


Chopped to BITS on smooth surface EASIER to process


for XENO combination & feasting building NEW LOGIC SYSTEMS

for a MUTO-GENIC population that BECOMES an inorganic

LIFE-THANATO casuistic GLOP invader.

EXTENDING OUT of kevlar shrouded archaeological BODIES

shifting Cog-NIT methodologies & CODING.


Inscribing upon a constructed surface, fixing definitions, codes…

Expressing a redundant formality, indulging in excessive mulch.

Without intelligibility. No ground, beyond understanding, the psych-kids slapping brain cells, cut, copy paste.

Access denied.

Breaking off, a rigorous praxis founded on skitz0.


In orbit, relations spanning distances, meshing and fusing, composed of animated matter and bodies situated in a praxis of indeterminacy. Gestures dribbling on the slippy surface.

Reaching for (an)other.

Thingness of becoming, ejection from certainty and preordainment, charging through a cosmic jungle, struggling with a cognitive condition…

Washed up on the edge of wreckage, drifting across a life span, inert in essence.

Vitality lies in the corpus of waning cognitive matter, a subjectivity terminated, attracting a plethora of inner vibrancy to break out.


A crowning moment, a fulfillment of actuality.


Bloated…body slips up, creeping via a despicable network, a malignancy that’s been at the core for more than thirty years now.

Object of caricature…

But now it’s front and centre, no longer a sideshow that can be dismissed, ready to wheeze it’s dying breath upon a population. Diabolical desires resonate with a fraction, clinging onto fantasies of subordination





Unknown ulterior mode of being, things tied up in bags, a saucer of regurgitated matter set against the wall…

Lying paralyzed.

But just like that other time it gave a sense of pleasure, being manhandled and operated via some kind of malignant force, like a ghostly force that manipulates and dismembers your cumbersome form.

Weary of normative codes of conduct, searching for another manner of transgression…

It brings close a sense of thanatos, the very brink of auto-destruct.

Yet, just as before, it wanes…

Leaving only a dull ache.

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