Schizoautopoiesis: Cyclo-analysis (Variations 1,2,3) Written by Mehdi Rafi _Videos by Simin Azarpour

The plan consists of three variants or variations of the "schizo's brain-eye"1, a process that is, as schizo experiences, the rupture of the "I" in ex-sistence2 , through what R. D. Ling calls "a voyage of initiation, transcendental experience of the loss of the ego" (Deleuze and Guattari 2004: 93). These schizo-becomings, which involves deterritorialization of boundaries between the cosmos and I, connect the two micro- and macro level, microcosms and macrocosms, via a kind of "devenir un citoyen du monde"3 or becoming-cosmic corpuscle, that of a schizophrenic Hallucination-machine being enounced in a global delusion. By this metamorphosis, the schizophrenic reconstructs or re-creates him/herself, in a Nietzschean sense and "becomes who he/she is", namely being of becoming flows. Schizo is not an "autistic ego" or separated “I”, on the contrary, a synthetic unconscious that is able to make infinite syntheses of fluxes by producing a movement between the mini- and mega perceptional dimensions4. Hence, he/she becomes one with the pré-noms de lʼêtre which are not “the ready-mades”, but "the things-in-making" and, an endless becoming, passes constant intensities through his/her non-Cartesian mind-body. Schizo makes possible the "hyper-experimentation of the world" by constructing an illusion-machine, and expresses

his/her narrative/non-narrative5 on the "history of the molecules’ formations” (the microsphere) and the transformations of the cosmos (the macrosphere) in an ontological delusion. It is a radical critique on "pure reason", which claims to provide a true version of "the world in-itself.” (Narrative intellect6), but in a non-Kantian sense. The schizo-machine is “To have done with the judgment” of the uni-verse through its Hegelian Aufhebung 7 , by opening it onto irrationality hidden in the heart of thought (multiverse), or madness as the unthinkable within the thought itself. Schizo-synthesis includes an agencement (assemblage/agency) between the small and big components of being through delusion-machines that are fabricated in the procès of "autopoiesis"8. The schizoid auto-construction here presented in three episodes-montages: 1) the Geo-histories of molecules, 2) the

hallucination-machine in synthesis with delusion-machine, and 3) cosmogenesis, or the multiversal evolution/involution.

During the different phases of autopoiesis, the living cells units receive from their external milieus "anonymous matters" which are called dark-matters or antimatters (energy of flows). This Other-dark matter is the basic condition for “egobecomings” in the procedure of losing pre-existence. Thus, becoming is an ontological "evolution-involution" in which the demarcation between the other and I is blurred, leading to what Rimbaud said, "Je est un autre". Schizo always lives “I” as the multitude of others, the redundancies or resonances of new “nonegos” through a hallucination-machine, and constantly produces the alterity within him/herself, which is the "basic condition for the heterogeneity in thought". And by traversing the Other, in any case, he/she openly creates the "selflessness", as Beckett wrote in Unnamable: “I won’t say I anymore, I’ll never utter it again; It’s just too damn stupid (Beckett 1959). According to schizo's "brain-eye", there is only one route to auto-create immanently and permanently: enfolding the other, including uncanny objects, into oneself. Thus, auto-poiesis in fact ends up in hetero-poiesis and the schizo-cartographies draws two

instances: "de-epistemologizing the ego" and "trans-ontologizing the process".

1. Geo-history of molecules: In this part, the video commences with a view of a green molecule on the background of the cosmos, and a hand that comes down from the top corner of the image announces the beginning of the process: "memories of a molecule" are formed here, that is an archeology of fluxes in cell divisions and particles proliferation, in which a Protozoa spreads and multiplies itself through the acceleration of auto-creation; that is the Spinozaʼs substance, which extends and intensifies its attributes and modes by "expression /construction": a ground of molecular augmentations and emissions, cellular subdivisions; mutations and vacuolar transforming in which ontological matters at the micro level generate the molecular tissue of living beings. This tissue is also an enunciation of an "inorganic life of things"9, a biosphere that stretched in schizoʼs psycho-molecules: desire-circulations, dispersions and cell membranes on which there are the non-capitalistic

primitive accumulations of unknown substances. Here the ontological univocity of the primary cell leads to a multiplicity of cells, just as schizo loses his "I" in the machinery of délirer de lʼexistence; Schizophrenia is a delusion of uniting with being=becoming, a de-lusion of removing limits. It is in this sense that schizo is a "Homo Natura"; He/She lives nature in terms of diffusion and multiplication of particulate streams. Additionally, the nature in schizo Erfahrung is not “natural” (natura naturata), but itself should be re-invented

(natura naturans) as Guattari said10. Hence, he also experiences the geo-history of earth as an eco-political being.