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Sebastian Concha

In 2012 Sebastian Concha founded OUTRO S.A.C. (Santiago) Production company dedicated to the gestation and production of transmedia projects and sound design studio. He has worked on audiovisual projects of an investigative and experimental nature. His current interest is the development of narrative concepts for documentaries and fiction and, likewise, sound design and post-production. He has consulted on narrative structures for various audiovisual projects. He is an active member of the photographic image research group He currently works as a programmer for the Muntijaqi Film, Science and Technology Festival.

One of its great strengths is the ability to link artists from different disciplines in creative and conceptual universes.


The hybrid work “To Govern the Panic” performed by the Butohka Ensemble, for five

musicians and four dancers, is the result of a collective work and

multidisciplinary research based on South Andean mythography;

through readings of the book El Pez de Oro by Gamaliel Churata, the experimentation

of the magnetic movement of the earth and bodies through the Butoh dance and the

search for an essential sound, music or noise, emanating from the territory, place,

space and color formerly known as Collasuyo.

The ensemble comes together in response to the collective concern of

investigate and create a hybrid work - and derivatives of multiple formats such as fanzine,

video, audio, essay - appealing mainly to the sensory elements and

aesthetics that emerge when rediscovering the cosmology and territorial mythologies,

with a strong emphasis on the phenomenology of an inherited and incomplete landscape: rivers, mountains, valleys once an essential part of an organic and fundamental network of modes to inhabit and conceive the Nature, which were somehow made invisible

during the colony.

It is inevitable in this exercise to disassemble and reassemble, in a state of

shared awareness, paying attention to peculiarities and not opposing what was

genetically learned, namely the Western episteme; and that intuitively

learned, or broad perception of the essential spatiotemporal drama, that is, the

experience; and notice the fragments of a collision of mythographies, or their

intersection depending on the intensities, in a continuum of baptisms and


Thus, the environment, the geography, the ecosystem, the crust and all the forces (and laws) that emanate from them acquire a tragic role, which we seek to translate and

reinterpret through our sensitive bodies, which, for that matter, are no more

than replicating antennas of resonances in their pure state;

ultimately, it is the public who will be in charge of transmuting this energy.

Can we break into the psychic field of memory in a performative act and

reverse the archetypes that fatally condition our autonomies?

It is not enough to exonerate, or rebaptize, much less demolish the heavy Western tradition

in the territory. It must be transmuted through its own archetypal bases, which

they call themselves eternal and immutable, anchored in the most primitive of consciousness

human. Well, we must promote a psychic uprising against the myth

Hellenic through our nervous and sensitive capacity, ally to those gods

who somehow defied the corrupting and branching power of the god of gods, and,

consequently, they were harshly punished for eternity; exiled, fallen under

the earth's crust or forgotten. They must be released, immortal, latent, our

allies in the magnetic revolt of the Axis Mundi, which moves from Olympus to Los


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