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Shriya Malhotra

Shriya Malhotra is an artist and researcher based in New Delhi, india. My research practice explores and connects art, technology and social issues through writing, community projects and explorations of new technologies. My work oscillates between scholarship and artistic practice. However I am currently leaning towards production of the latter. The opportunity to make word maps and diagrams out of existing academia would offer the opportunity to engage critically with my own work. For my online residency, I will work on creating images using my own dense academic texts in an attempt not only to make the word, texts and ideas more inter dimensional and interactive, but also to create an image as a form of data that's more accessible than often difficult to access academic language.

Project Proposal:

Idea 1: Converting all of my academic texts into images, word maps, and animations.

Idea 1: Creating a multidimensional posthuman curriculum to explore the notion of Indra's net as analogous to the internet.

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