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Sutirtho Roy

Updated: Mar 29

Sutirtho Roy is an Early Career Scholar who has co-authored an anthology of poetry and written a novel that has garnered positive reviews from Inkitt and Webnovel. In his free time, he does toy photography and webcomic designing on his well-renowned Instagram page, which he has slowly started to integrate with his research areas. He has served as a panelist at international workshops pertaining to post-humanism, and his papers have been selected for publication in journals like Routledge, Cambridge, BRILL, Springer, and Lexington Books. Through his research, he aims to recognize the various potentials of storytelling and linguistic frameworks to advocate for non-human animal welfare, along with social upliftment and environmental conservation. As such, his primary research area centers on post-human/ post-anthropocentric ways of depicting non-humans, or critiquing the anthropocentric ways of their depictions through the analysis of different media and theoretical paradigms.


The Creator in the Creation: Fractured Selves in a Liminal Space, Seen Through a Meta-textual Lens of World-building


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