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Symbiotic artist - Jarek Lustych

Posthumanism, takes a broadly critical view of the wide humanity–science–technology nexus. Posthumanism is fundamentally a critical project of regrounding humans as terrestrial corporeal beings inescapably embedded within and dependent upon the more-than-human living systems that are the condition of possibility of human life. Transhumanism, and some fear of a disconnection leads to an increased interest in non-human beings and possible models of cooperation with them. The synergy of human and non-human activity may change the current perception of the phenomenon of life and the place of man in the world, it may even lead to an expansion of the habitus. The art that accompanies or replaces this reflection confirms the importance of collaboration and interdependence as essential survival factors. From that interspecies models it is possible to deduce ways of crossing species limitations. We can anticipate with increased intuition possible future models of the tranhuman - human relationship.

A passage from the anthropocentric perspective postulated in critical posthumanism is the proposal of dispersed authorship. The moment the human author resigns autonomy is the emergence of new form of symbolic practices producing new symbolically structured social environment with a certain selective advantages. Works created in the wide-humanity field (as a total assemblage of humankind, cultural, technological, and biological systems), the materials and technologies of which are interspecies cooperation in contrast to the Bellmer's figure of specific kinship show a deeper relationship to the biological nature of life. The symbiotic artist creates a work which temporal and spatial boundaries are not definable.

Mushrooms, although so distant from a man in biological systematics, can also be a collaboration partner. A dark space of subcutaneous connections between entangled hyphae, going beyond the biological nature of natural beings, will be revealed to the Gadamer's artist. It confirms that things become what they are and become meaningful only in and through the network of relationships. It is related to the way of thinking about agency, not as the sole capacity of human beings (conscious, reflective, and intentional actors), but all participants of the environment.

In this context, I propose an experiment that uses the possibilities inherent in biocomposites (mycelium and other materials) in the field of creating living art objects. Here I see the gap, the crossing of which will allow us to cross the rigid boundaries of human Reality and see the Real of earthly beings.

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