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The time fragmentation/unification/relativization - Magda Vicini

Title: Time

Dimensions: 110cm x 88cm

Oil, oil chalk on canvas

Art as existential posthumanism is constant transformation and revelation of multiple others that are there, are here. It is the "being there, being here", the "dasein", (Heidegger, Gadamer, Indigenous perspectivism, reciprocity) whose existence is modified as an aesthetic experience - there it is, there one lives, one lives together.

Since July, 2021, I tried to make images out of my thoughts. During the workshop, I knew “Mia”, my archetype. "Mia" was always there, with the world connected and here with me, but I wouldn't let her or him speak; Mia is a little satellite. I perceive the world in small and large dimensions, approaching and distancing myself from things, facts, people, situations, themes, problems... my way of being in art is this small, big, mysterious, revealing, affectionate, screaming way , calm and believing.

From Mia, I developed an artwork called "Time".

In the clock world, time is not fully perceived. The clock "measures" the hours of our time. But we don't perceive time, perhaps because we "measure" time. And this same time is happening in the visible and invisible world ... each one in his time: "[...] time to plant, time to sow, time to reap [...]" (Ecclesiastes, 3). Nature time experienced by the Kaingang indigenous communities (Paraná, Brazil): time of the sun, the moon, the earth, the water, the wind, the clouds, the cooking, the cooling, the boiling, the fire, the hunting, the fishing ... everything has a meaning and a time of existence.

Time of illness and time of cure, which is measured microscopically, but is similar to the time of the indigenous nature... we do not have absolute control. Everything has a meaning and a time of existence.

Earth time, planet time, star time, meteor time, satellite time, whose time distances are measured in a macroscopic world.

The meaning of each time is defined by human beings, in clock time.

The meaning of each time is defined by beings of nature (including human beings) in the time of the original peoples.

From the possible micro and macro world, time reveals itself in different ways.

The cosmological space reveals the expansion of rational and technological thinking on the planet under a white, capitalist, comunist and socialist vision.

The cosmological space of the original peoples reveals the introspection of perspectivist thinking, intuitive to survival, coexistence, reciprocity, in Oceania, Asia, North, Central and South America; Europe, Africa.

Hearing the time, feeling the time, being present in all human power when the sun rises, until the sun sets. Read the stars, the moon, the wind, the waters, the forest, the animals.

Observed by technologies at all times, we are satellites, microscopes, of a planet earth of many differences, diversities.

I feel these worlds coming closer, for healing, for sadness, for emptiness, for hope, for love, for the need to survive. Time to live, to survive, mainly the most part of the people in this world.

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