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Timilehin Oludare

Timilehin Oludare (b. Nov. 26, 2002) is an experimental surrealist artist born in Ibadan, Nigeria. Art has always been a form of expressing feelings, reflections, observations, and curiosity. He has been experimenting with different media which we see in some of his mixed media pieces. He tends to experiment with materials, sound, shapes, colors, and scent. He uses these mediums, patterns, and shapes to portray the emotion and tension he is trying to visualize.

Osanyintolu Oludare Timilehin has had the opportunity to showcase his works at Boomer Art Gallery in London, Nomascape in Chicago, and so on. He launched “WETIN DET COOK”, a curatorial project by Lynhan Balabat-Helbock at GAS Foundation, as the first artist to cook a meal and share his works in an intimate gathering. His second show in Lagos was a celebration of one series of his works at 16by16, curated by Tushar Hathiramani. A celebration of him, his works, and the influence in his creation, he has of recent exhibited in more spaces in Lagos, such as Engage Space, AWCA, Tribe X, and so on.


His new collection – RED WALLS AND ENTITIES – is a series of fifteen (15) works that focuses on visualizing his Romance, Playfulness and shadow . In this collection, 'Romance' expresses his love for a particular shade of red that spans across the fifteen pieces of works; the Santana Red. On the other hand, 'Playfulness' portrays the intensional yet random selection of entities to be presented in an almost shadow-like state.

In RED WALLS AND ENTITIES, Osanyintolu Oludare Timilehin explores the shadow as a symbol of uncertainty and suspense. He dives into create each entity in his collection without any preconditioned ideas about what they should or shouldn’t take form of,what matters is these entities are beings with distinct and independent existence confined within the red walls which drives there connections, finding this sense of ambivalence thrilling. In this way, a level of suspense is translated through the series, specifically through the expansive stares and dark eyes that have become his staple.

When creating, Timilehin is always in search of a feeling which he is yet to find a word for. As far as he can, he describes it as a sting or sharp sensation, a dissatisfaction that drives him to exaggerate, to try and push his entities to their limit.

Playfulness regarded in the series translates into the sound as he selected the sounds from different aspects of his experiences ; his voice , the sound of cocoa seeds wrapped in nylon, the sound of a clock , the sound of Lagos ( breeze, movement of cars ,horns) and music created by using music mouse by Laurie spiegel ( provided my distro kid ) , the research on scents is currently in progess which will include the smell of ; ink and forms of metallic , critic and acidic scents.

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