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Artist Statement " I am involved in the art of World building through the information gathered from Ancient Vedic text , Vedantasara and Scientific experiments in Quantum Physics This also includes related questions of Consciousness ! Is consciousness a product of the brain ? How Non Physical matters like Quarks , Strings and Higgs Boson produce the physical world around Us. What is the role of Consciousness in producing Reality?

Art , Science and Consciousness UTCS is a meticulous inquiry about the questions of our own existence.. both in physical and non physical world. What is the role of Consciousness in producing Reality around Us ?

For this I do systematic observation from Ancient Vedic text and Scientific experiments done in Quantum Physics! More and more I was being convinced by these observations that both Modern Physics and Ancient Wisdom are talking about the same Reality of Nature . Both talk about the exchange of wave functions, frequencies and vibration between physical and non physical world, between Micro and Macro Cosmos And between Quantum Physics and Consciousness. Art ,for me is a mode of communication between my inner self and outer world. I try to transform all my experiences into my drawings and recreate the intuitive forms and images! I am also involved into the construction of new language / script to use it on my paintings . It adds the mystic quality to the work like prayer written on the wall of ancient architecture or Indian miniatures. This is proposing me to bring Art, Science , Literature and Consciousness into one place to create an ideal world. So here I wish to Coin a New Term - Unified Theory of Combined Sciences ( UTCS), Art of world building!

Once I discovered the common ground of eastern and western knowledge, my haunting desire to mingle the philosophy of Past and Future, I started building a new world -Lainika -

Book of Lainika - The Book of Lainika is a kind of manuscript which contains the archival of Conclusive possibilities of Reality from both Ancient knowledge and modern Science . Each painting is treated as a pictorial documentation of understanding of these philosophies. It is a kind of manuscript which contains a systematic chronology of my observation in the form of Chapters, pages and pictorial depiction of images.

construction of new language - Lavnik

Text on painting- I have constructed a new language for this manuscript naming it as Lavnik.. As language is not just a means of communication but it rather reflects the level of consciousness of any organism. So therefore I felt that when I am talking about a completely New and different organic life system then it also needs to have its Own Language. That's how a new language was born . The Script which is written on my works are 'pages ' of this manuscript (#bookoflainika), talks about life, philosophy and the consciousness of this planet!!... Lainika is a Type IV Civilization. It can harness the power of its own supercluster of galaxies, and eventually its universe of origin, and become effectively immortal. A civilization this advanced could tap into the mysterious dark matter and manipulate the basic fabric of space-time.

(According to Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev there are majorly 5 types of civilizations based on the levels of technological advancement and the amount of energy it is able to use. Humans are Type 1 civilization)

[detail] Chapter -[flora and fauna]

DNA structure of the blood line

Theory of Panspermia This manuscript gives us the overlapping hints of anthropology in the branch of archaeology and biology of homo sapiens through the idea of Panspermia , maybe we are the second generation of homo sapiens on this planet . There are many archaeological findings which defy the chronological advancement of technology and intelligence . May be we are the offsprings of some higher civilization who have left the earth in search of new possibilities of life sources . This brings us to the hot bed issue modern Science has to deal with artificial Intelligence Or inhabiting other plan

chapter - mythical creature of LAINIKA


Page 0.7

Trans- humanism The extraterrestrial or Panspermia theories suggest that life existed in outer space and was transported by meteorites, asteroids, or comets to a receptive Earth. In this case the origin of life is not related to environments possible on the early Earth.)

Existential Posthumanism

I am thinking about the discipline of Existential Post humanism as a path of self inquiry. This involves the ontological understanding of being not only as an individual but also as a species on this planet. We have ancient wisdom coming from our past (Vedic text and Upanishads) to rely upon and modern Scientific experiments to lead us to our future.

Apart from watercolour paintings I am also doing large scale installations representing the whole idea into a walk-through experience .

chapter -Tropography of Lainika - [ red microbes]

image - 0.2 : 0.4 ; 0.3

watercolours on paper

watercolours on paper


chapter - Maps of Lainika

page - 0.1, water colour

image 0.1

Interplanetary highway system-

chapter - Maps of Lainika

page - 0.2

image - 0.2

red mocrobes - installation

Red microbes iii , of Lainika organic material , natural dye , wool Gallery Art Centrix Space 2020

Study for Book of Lainika.....

for more information-

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