Real Abstraction: The Conference--Day 2 Roberto Finelli, Richard Seaford, Jason Moore

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Saturday, August 7

11am EST: Roberto Finelli

1:30pm EST: Richard Seaford

4pm EST: Jason Moore

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Day1: Friday, August 6: Conrad Hamilton- Jaleh Mansoor- Alberto Toscano

Day3: Sunday, August 8: Frank Engster, Maya Gonzalez, Paul Reynolds

Day4: Monday, August 9: Roundtable/questions for presenters



Roberto Finelli:

The Abstraction of Capital Versus the Abstraction of Money: The Hypothesis of a Debate Between K. Marx and A. Sohn-Rethel

The theory of real abstraction conceived by Alfred Sohn Rethel must be radically criticized. It expresses a vulgarly reductionist conception of the relation of the superstructure to the structure, according to which, for example, the Platonic theory of ideas would be a mere reflection of the function of money as a measure of exchange value in ancient Greece. The theory of money as "a priori in cash" must be criticized on the basis of Marx's indications that an economic determination, such as exchange value, finds its truest realization only in modern capitalist society (i.e. the "exchange value" as a consequent expression of "su