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Deleuze Recombination

Deleuze Recombination: Digitality & Recombination: they are the recombination of a c(a)osmology and ecologie — that invites a hacker and (re)create a wor(l)d.


The proposal (hypotheses) : produce / research a schizophrenic machine / smooth space / with eletronic and digital flow / flood / of disjunctions narratives in online plataforms. As, par exemple, Maurice Blanchot and the “Writing of Disaster” with other indexed / recombined: the disaster, unexperienced - an artificial device becomes an inseparable from a narration. It is what escapes the very possibility of experience – it is the limit of writing. The Disaster / cybernetic / de-scribes. Which does not mean that disaster, as the force of writing, is exclude from it, is beyond the pale real or virtual. Then, the fragmentary / smooth space / promises not instability so much as disarray, confusion or, a c(a)osmology / cosmotechnics / and new ecology, or a cybernetic ecology of bodies. To the thought of disaster / schizophrenic machine / which disrupts, as the intense, silent disastrous affirmation of the outside / dehors. The disaster does put ( smooth space ) into question, but annuls the question, makes It disappear – as if along with the question, « I » in smooth space too disappeared in the disaster which never appears / to become a body without organs / hypotheses /. The fact of disappearing is, precisely, not a fact, not an event; it does no happen / electronic field /, or only because there is no “I” to undergo the experience / cybernetic /, but because since the disaster / BwO /always takes place after having taken place, there cannot possibly be any experience of it / smooth space /. It call disaster that which does not have the ultimate for a limit / repetition /: it bears the ultimate away in the disaster. Fitzgerald’s affirmation remark: « all life is a process of breaking down » - the crack is the cranny with all identification of outside / digital bodies. With that – their fragmenting force, destroy in advance the texts / narrative, disjunction / from which they are not only severed but which they exalt till these disjunctions become nothing but severance, then the fragment without a text / grammar /, or any context, is radical unquotable / to escape of control. There is disaster / crash / because, ceaselessly, it falls short of disaster / hypotheses /. The end of nature, the end of culture, the end of humanism. The fragmentary / schizophrenic machine / the “power” of the disaster which none has experienced and the disastrous intensity, incommensurate - with the repetition: the ultimate over and over, general collapse, destruction of the all sense of present / presence / (Ontology without Being – disaster again). Knowledge electronic at rest; Unsuitable terms, but no matter: “we” / biotechnological bodies / can only let fragmentary writing write if language, having exhausted its power of negation, its force of affirmation, retains or sustains Knowledge at slipping / hypotheses /. This writing that is outside language it is nothing else, perhaps, but the end (without end) of knowledge, the end of myths, the erosion of utopia. Grief, incising, dissecting, exposing a fissure which can no longer be endured, or even remembered - as the programming of flows / fissures / recombined of disjunctives narratives – a electric body.

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