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Francesca Parolin

I am a student of the Communication Design master degree at IUAV University of Venice. I worked as a Sale Assistant at Word&Pictures Gallery in Teignmouth (Devon, England) and as a Graphic Design & Art Direction Trainee at Atelier Eul (Dusseldorf, Germany). I collaborated for the creation of 3D metaverse videos with Claudio Bellini (@cloud.i0) and I also made some posters for Multiplo, Padua based creative direction and contemporary design studio. My main focus is on communication, graphic design, video editing, traditional illustration and 3D modelling and animating. Last November I got my bachelor degree in Communication and New Medias of Fashion at at IUAV University of Venice with a thesis on Symbiotic Imagination.


A Convivio: Imaginative Symbiosis

My research explores a symbiotic union of all creatures within a shared world, in order to amplify the possibilities of imagination and creative development.

It aims to propose a potential alternative to the imagination activated by the user-machine binomial; in this alternative, intelligences of living and non-living bodies unite and merge for the generation of imaginaries. Starting from this collaborative unification, the centrality of the experience and sensitivity of all creatures is explored as the focal point of their existence expands and merges within the artificial environment as well.

At the heart of this perspective, the existence expands to embrace both natural and artificial environments, giving rise to deep connections and symbiotic relationships. This joint of worlds activates awareness of an intrinsic similarity among creatures, recognising mutual behaviours and possibilities. The desire arises to explore what these relationships can generate in terms of new creative paths and shared knowledge.

All creatures and biomes can now unite through a collective symbiosis; what was once separated no longer is, and this state of symbiosis and total connection has led to the birth of a new awareness in which every form is interconnected and interdependent. Barriers between species and environments are overcome, and creatures feed on the experiences and energies of others.

Thus, the experience of beings assumes a crucial role because the now unified system is not just a hosting platform but an active and collaborative part.

Among the objectives of the work, a central aspect is the intention to activate creative narratives by applying the potentials offered by artificial intelligences as extensions of imagination.

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