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Merve Bedir

Merve Bedir is an architect. Completed her PhD at Delft University and bachelor at Middle East Technical University / Ankara, both architecture schools. Taught/teaches a design studio on Posthuman Landscape Design in Hong Kong University and Design Academy Eindhoven. Her fellowships include Schloss Solitude and BAK Utrecht. Her most recent design projects are a high-tech agriculture space in Ningde/China, and the renovation of former British post office in Istanbul.

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Gaps, Cracks, Breaks

Brokenness, cracks, gaps tell more about agency than what seems to be the current. Departing from Steven Jackson's broken world theory, and the lidar landscape models I have been producing for the landscape design studio I teach at Hong Kong University, I want to research how different scanning and modelling tools and softwares approach the cracks, gaps, and breaks in a certain space that they need to reproduce. Thinking this way, I want to understand how the logic of the software operates with infill, and I want to speculate on it further. The research addresses both representational and performative space.

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