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Mike D Micklow

Updated: Mar 16

Mike D. Micklow is native to Upstate NY, now living in South London. Former citizen journo (Media Roots News Contributor), sometimes-dabbler in polyphonic prose or aesthetics of the pure multiple. Research topics include but never limited to: the relation between outsider art, resistant strata of hauntology, physics fiction, vapor aesthetics blurring the lines between spam/consumer/agency, and autoregressive entities or machines. Said differently, I am curious about the non-identical states of both art and philosophy, spelunking the overlay or palimpsest of their respective conjugations vectoring at the limits of their respective fields, void of any easygoing cosmogonic-eschatonic arche-epistemes. —What would an aesthetics look like if it weren’t subordinated to ontology? How would art render when read at the limits of incomputables (see Luciana Parisi)? What does this mean for emancipatory datafic? These are the sorts of questions I wish to ask, explore, seek out.

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Etiolated Speculative Agency: Tracing the Posthuman Disconnection

If mutation is like modularity, in that it has multiple functional possibilities given a non-holistic flat ontology, then could this be a conceptual prototype for evolvability and theoretical disconnection from Wide Humans into an unbounded posthuman assemblage (Roden)? And might various different physiological and mental disabilities be a site of an Etiolated Speculative Agency (ESA) utilising hyperplastic relays bubbling up from phasic zones of trauma, which in turn might allow or capture transversal vectors navigating nested neural networks and their thresholds therein?

Metzinger talks about the ego tunnel being a system of coordinating actions which provide a transparency of sorts, such that we never attain a one-to-one relation with the outside world: cognitive frameworks, normative or otherwise, always use a go-between, whereby stimuli is interpreted providing models of self-models. A well-functioning eye therefore doesn't bring cognitive attention to this process and just assumes or takes for granted its visual acuity -- however if this naive realism were to be fractured by a disease of sorts, or if not disease then some sort of perturbation, then the smooth processual nature of the stimulus-eye-brain assemblage would come to the foreground.

If crude provisional apriori nets were laid before an assemblage of, say, eye disease or perturbations otherwise, might it catch or trace the transition or ejection and disconnection from Roden's Wide Human into an unbounded Speculative Posthuman?

Note: even if it were the case that an eventual posthuman were unbounded (ineffable and darkly phenomenological), prior to its culmination into Strange Ineffability there might be a Trace of sorts which would signal its onto-disconnection into a dark system of autonomous assemblage, which could perhaps act as a kind of indirect marker of apriori intelligibility in transit toward said post-ontology of darkness.

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